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Our Mission

Golden Gate Flyers is an organization of gay, lesbian, and bisexual private and professional pilots, aviation professionals as well as aviation enthusiasts. We provide a medium whereby members can network with others both socially and professionally. 

Golden Gate Flyers

Based in San Francisco, Golden Gate Flyers is an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pilots, aviation professionals, aviation enthusiasts, and allies. We provide a medium whereby members can network with others both socially and professionally.

Not a pilot? We welcome you! All aviation enthusiasts looking for community are encouraged to join.

Examples of outings and activities include:

  • Annual fall hangar party at the Oakland Airport
  • Annual holiday party in December in S.F.
  • Monthly dinner meetings in San Francisco 
  • Fly-Ins to places like Palm Springs, Sunriver Lodge, Shelter Cove, Big Bear Lake
  • Oceano, Santa Barbara, Death Valley, Catalina, and Mexico.
  • Toronto gay pride, Albuquerque balloon fiesta, and other joint events with affinity groups like the National Gay Pilots Association and Southern California’s Unusual Attitudes

What’s the difference between GGF and NGPA?

Golden Gate Flyers is a local independent non-profit. Our pilot-members are predominately GA (general aviation) pilots. We are a NGPA Affiliate and many of our members are are also NGPA members! We encourage membership in both organizations. NGPA has great resources for professional and commercial pilots including several opportunities for exclusive career fairs and airline introductions.

GGF is a local, welcoming, organization encouraging community and socialization.

Founding Members

Bruce Henry, Jeff Meek, Kimberly Haas, Mike Bingham, Arnie Jackson, Ralph Higgs, Larry Summers, Walter Haught, Paul Milner, and Doug Holmes

Golden Gate Flyers: Pioneers of Diversity in Aviation

In the bustling heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, amidst the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the vibrant culture of the city, a pioneering group took flight in March 1995 that would leave a lasting impact on both the aviation community and the LGBTQ rights movement. The Golden Gate Flyers, an LGBT pilot group, emerged during a pivotal time in history when visibility and acceptance for LGBTQ individuals were gaining ground across various sectors, including aviation.

Founding and Early Years

Founded by a group of passionate LGBTQ pilots and aviation enthusiasts, the Golden Gate Flyers set out to create a supportive and inclusive space within the traditionally male-dominated world of aviation. Their mission was not only to pursue their love for flying but also to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and foster a sense of community among LGBTQ pilots and allies.

From the outset, the group emphasized camaraderie, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence in aviation. Meetings and events provided opportunities for members to share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and support one another in their aviation journeys.

Breaking Barriers and Celebrating Pride

As the Golden Gate Flyers gained momentum, they became trailblazers in advocating for LGBTQ visibility and equality within the aviation industry. Their presence at local airshows, pride parades, and community events served as a powerful statement of inclusivity and pride.

Advocacy and Outreach

Their outreach extends to mentoring programs for aspiring LGBTQ pilots, and educational discussions. These efforts not only inspire future generations to pursue their dreams in aviation but also contribute to the broader goal of fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Resilience and Community Spirit

Throughout their journey, the Golden Gate Flyers have faced challenges typical of pioneering groups advocating for marginalized communities. They have navigated through systemic barriers, stereotypes, and occasional resistance, but their resilience and determination have strengthened their resolve to create positive change.

Looking Forward

As they continue to navigate the skies and advocate for inclusivity, the Golden Gate Flyers remain committed to their founding principles of unity, community, and empowerment. With each flight and community engagement, they strive to expand their impact, inspire others, and uphold their legacy as pioneers of diversity in aviation.

The Golden Gate Flyers stand as a shining example of how passion, perseverance, and community spirit can help transform an industry and unite a community. From their humble beginnings in the San Francisco Bay Area to their current stature as advocates for LGBTQ visibility in aviation, their journey is a testament to the power of inclusivity and the enduring impact of pioneers who dare to soar above and beyond. As they continue to fly higher and push boundaries, the Golden Gate Flyers inspire us all to reach for the skies, embrace diversity, and celebrate pride in every flight they take.

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