Plain Parts Fly-in - 2014
Written by Stan C   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014


On Saturday, August 23, a group of eighteen Golden Gate Flyers members either flew in or drove to 59CN, Plain Parts, in Pleasant Grove about 25 miles north of Sacramento.

Dennis James hosted the GGF group as well as a group of thirteen members of Capital City Squares, a Sacramento square dancing club, for a tour of the Plain Parts facilities and a delicious barbeque lunch. During an educational tour of the Plain Parts hangar and outdoor storage areas, Dennis commented on published NTSB "probable cause" findings.

Meanwhile,  Dennis’ friends and neighbors who had volunteered for KP duty were all set up with the grill and a serving line for the scrumptious burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, drinks, and cookies. The barbeque tables and folding chairs were strategically located under some huge shade trees, and the weather was perfect with temperatures in the high seventies and a nice cool steady breeze blowing gently across the picnic area, providing a perfect venue for pilots and square dancers to meet and enjoy some great food and conversation. 

Donations for the event were suggested, and Dennis generously donated the $400 collected to the GGF treasury to help fund club operations and events like the annual hangar party at OAK and the December holiday party. 

Thank you, Dennis, for hosting this wonderful event once again, and a huge thank you to your friends and neighbors who pitched in to set everything up, do the cooking and serving, and clean up the mess we made.

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